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Inquisitive Science is a website and blog. I made it with the purpose to share my passion for science with others and to encourage inquisitiveness with everyday phenomena. “There is hardly a boy or girl alive who is not keenly interested in finding out about things.” I maintain the viewpoint that this extract from The Golden Book Of Chemistry Experiments is entirely true as an open minded curiosity about the world and a desire for knowledge is a quality everyone should possess as throughout our lives we are always learning; it’s a continual process that creates new neuron pathways in your brain every day.

My hope is that this site will emphasize and explain from my perspective the curiosities I have with the world and help people understand the science behind “things” by exploring the intriguing areas of biology, chemistry and physics. So I urge you to ask the question ‘why?’ as you never know what fascinating science may be there, just waiting for you to discover.

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